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Women's Clinic
** womens clinic has been combined with the regular adult group lessons in oreder to provide access 3x a week! we have multiple instructors working so we can assign women to groups and belive me the atmosphere is nurturing, supportive and exactly what you are looking for to make golf fun to learn with out intimidation
Beginner to Intermediate
Learn to golf with like minded ladies interested
in networking and meeting golfing partners and new friends!!!

Adult and family.png

Coach Peter Cantin is very patient and has done a great job helping me learn the basics in a fun comfortable supportive setting. I have met some great business contacts and golfing friends. I highly recommend these classes...  5 stars!  - Dr. Karen 

June 2018

Great classes great women fun golf. go for it! - Jen C.

May 2018

I've taken lessons before and always felt intimidated by the whole process. Not here..  Nice atmosphere, fun girls and guys. thanks Coach Peter. -Karen M 

May 2018

If you have any questions PLEASE just call me, Coach Peter, directly @ 415-902-3003. I'll sign you up or answer any questions..IT'S THE BEST and EASIEST way!!

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