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JULY 2020


I am no longer offering private lessons, I'm sorry. That said, I have a BETTER, cheaper, fun, more effective solution for you! For that same 300 investment (5 hours of private lessons} , NOW with my new adult group lessons, you get 10 hours of instruction instead of 5, input from multiple coaches, and you get to meet like minded people in a safe social environment to network and golf with. 


The big + of course is double the hours of instruction. We've found in golf the two hours is so much better than one for armatures because it's gives you time to practice new skills that you've just learned, while the new techniques are fresh in your head. Having multiple instructors input helps because the same techniques presented in slightly different ways can really help resonate for students in the learning process.


I will always be there and you'll hear plenty from me!


I just ask that you text me before coming in so I can get the right staff in place. ️

Coach Peter 


If you have any questions PLEASE just call me, Coach Peter, directly @ 415-902-3003. I'll sign you up or answer any questions..IT'S THE BEST and EASIEST way!!

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