They ARE ready!!
The Best Camp for KIDS 4-7 years old
who are just being exposed to golf for the first time.

 ​​Its a golf lesson, with a lot of other fun activities mixed in. We constantly stress "safety first". Mr Peters Golf Camp is designed to be a fun and safe place to introduce your child to  golf. As their golf skills develop, they will be developing life skills like patience, courtesy, perseverance, and learn how to take and follow direction in a group setting. They are constantly recognized for demonstrating their life skills as well as for successes in their golf  games. Each camp  activity is specifically designed enhance your child's motor skills and hand eye coordination, to test their patience, and challenge their imagination. Games and activities using Boomerangs, (Nerf of course) Bubbles, Soccer, Frisbee, and more. ​Your child will be exposed to golf in a fun safe group setting. They will be constantly recognized for their successes and will have a positive experience.

 This attention to detail insures each child will

have a safe, positive experience while

being exposed to this great game of golf.

day pass for kids 4-7 years old
golf camps

Just $199

ONE (1) Class

(2 hours)

Jr Intro to golf


MON-FRI 10A-12N ALL SUMMER sat/sun may-sept

Just $59

**Please call to reserve your

space onthe desired date.

415-902-3003. Ask for Mr Peter.

Flexible4 DAY  Pass!! Use it Any Saturday or Sunday 10a-12n Sept-May

or any Summer Weekday 10a-12n


**Please call to reserve your

space onthe desired date.

415-902-3003. Ask for Mr Peter.

If you have any questions PLEASE just call me, Coach Peter, directly @ 415-902-3003. I'll sign you up or answer any questions..IT'S THE BEST and EASIEST way!!