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Kids Golf Clubs for Summer camp
kids summer golf camps
happy golfer kids summer camps

What to Bring?    

                       ........thats easy!

Kids Golf Clubs for Summer camp

Your Self!


Sun screen. We have some on hand, but come to camp with your first layer on. I strongly recommend a hat, wide brimmed.

Dress in layers!

Typical bay area weather; might be sunny and hot one day,  might be windy, maybe cold in the morning or late afternoon on another. In other words we'll see it all in one weeks time, so be prepared.

Water Bottle. (though  the kids have  access to  water at all times)

Golf equipment: bring  if you got it! If not, don't worry we have some choices! If you're a lefty let us know in advance, if possible. Some weeks we've had several lefties and needed to hunt down extra clubs!

Oh, and don't forget to bring.... a good attitude!

Golf is not easy, and it's hard to learn. We are going to have fun trying , and by doing our personal best!

kids summer golf camps
kids summer golf camp and adult group lessons
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