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Mr. Peter's

"GO FORE THE GREEN" scholarship program

The purpose of the GO FORE THE GREEN Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to the youth (age 6-17) of the community who do not possess the financial means necessary to pay for participation in the golf camp. Scholarship eligibility requirements shall be established in a manner that balances administrative simplicity and efficiency and individual confidentiality and dignity, with our need to verify residency, age and income eligibility.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

• Scholarship applicants must be Bay Area residents and prove age and
income eligibility.
• Scholarship recipients are eligible for only one scholarship per summer.
• A new Scholarship Application must be completed for each scholarship requested and must ensure copies of all supporting documents are provided with the application.
• The following age groups are eligible for the award of a scholarship: Youth through age seventeen (17).  Adults age 18+ are ineligible.

Scholarship Application Review Process

• A Scholarship Application must be submitted for consideration at least one (1) week
prior to the commencement of the Camp requested.
• Incomplete Scholarship Applications will not be accepted.
• Scholarship Application packets will not be returned. All applications and supporting
documents will remain confidential.
• Completed applications will not be for any use other than to verify eligibility for a scholarship.
• Scholarship recipients must immediately notify Mr. Peters Golf Camp in the event the recipient no longer meets the income criteria.
• Scholarship assistance will be granted based on established financial need criteria and
availability of funds.
• Submittal alone of an application is not confirmation of program or camp  enrollment nor a confirmation of scholarship approval.
• Mr. Peters Golf Camp will notify applicants regarding the approval status of the scholarship request within five (5) business days of acknowledgement of receipt.
• Mr. Peters Golf Camp shall make the final determination of scholarship eligibility based solely on the information contained in the Scholarship Application, supporting documentation and guidelines contained in the GO FORE THE GREEN Scholarship Policy.
• Mr. Peters Golf Camp does not discriminate on the basis of age, (8-17) religious belief, marital status, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability.
• Applicants who falsify information or do not regularly attend the camp may be ineligible for future scholarship consideration. If extenuating circumstances prevent regular attendance, please immediately notify Mr. Peters Golf Camp at 415-902-3003.
• Scholarship assistance is to be used only to off-set the cost of the registration fee and not for extra fees, or excursions/field trip fees.

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