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                 Item                                                value*

1) Personalized Collage of Pictures                $60.

        Professional pictures of your

          golfer in action at camp!

2) 5 day snack package                                    $35.

3) Bucket of range balls                                   $15.  

4) 1/2 hour of time in the Digital Studio.     $110.

     Swing analysis with one of our

     professional instructors. Frame by

     frame swing breakdown, with digital

     video to take home with you!

5)  Polo shirt                                                      $40.

       Personalized with campers name


                                             Total Value          $260.​     
​​​​                                        Birdie Discount           -$85.

                                              YOUR Total          $175.             

​    *Individual Items can be purchased at this rate


Birdie Package!

Get all 5 menu items for one low price!

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