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Mr. Peter Caddy's for Mason Mallory

at the Canadian Tour's 2012 Q School

Update for our 4th day, and the actual start of the tournament!

Day 6 Update: Friday May 10th

Adventure Day Four, Tournament Day Two:

Very little wind today. We were paired with the same guys as Day 1. Things started quickly. Mason missed on his first 4-5 tee shots. He hooked the ball way out in the ruff. The amazing thing is that he found a way to get us back in the fairway, usually fairly close to the green. All day was a wizard with his short game, both with a wedge green side, and then especially with the broom putter. We counted like 13 one putts on the day and a total of just 24!  We were 1 or two over at the turn, then disaster. Mason hit an approach long, got caught up under a tree and in the ruff and got a 7 on a par 4.  Then even worse disaster. I was pulling the flag, and noticed the hole had a dent in it. Didn’t know if I caused it but I bent down and ‘straightened’ it, something I do when I am playing. Turns out its not allowed, and since you are responsible for your caddy, Mason got a TWO stroke penalty for my error. Ugh. It’s, the worst possible scenario for a caddy. I feel soooo bad. Let me tell you it’s a HARD job. He shot an 80 + 2 shot penalty.  WE dropped from 34h to 90th . Remember, the goal is be 60th or better, and now we are 3 strokes behind that mark. Soboba again tomorrow. Hope I can stay out of the way.
More later, Mr. Peter

The '2012 Canadian Tour Q school' consists of 150+ golfers from all over the world. Each has payed over $2,100 in  entry fees. They are competing for prizes: 30 exempt cards (you qualify for all full field events on the Canadian tour and 30 non-exempt (you qualify for about half the events on the Canadian tour). They are here chasing their dream, to one day play on a pro tour. For many this is  just another step towards their ultimate goal, a PGA tour card. It could  mean fame, and fortune.. literally millions! For now all are focused on the goal at hand: A Canadian tour card and a chance to show the world they could be one of the best. Still this year, 60 out of 150 is the best odds in years for these competitors. Enjoy the links, pics and videos. check in tomorrow for more!

Enjoy the video and Pics. See you tomorrow!

Mr. Peter and Mason

LIVE from the Canadian Tour Q school 2012

Details about the Canadian tour “Q” school:

Beautiful Place, Soboba Country Club. Check it out here:

​This is Oak Valley golf.where we played practice day 2 and Day 1 starting on the back 9

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